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  Spindle Speed Formula
  EX: Working Piece HRC40, Used by UF440A end mill
 4 Flutes End mill Diameter 10mm
 Please confirm the cutting speed from catalogue
EX:Finishing working for working piece (HRC40-50), Please enter cutting speed---105~120
 Please enter End mill cutting diameter.(ex:10mm)
 The spindle speed calculated—(3342-3819)
V: Milling Speed M/min
π: 3.1416
D: Diameter mm
N: Main Axis Spindle Speed RPM
 (RPM) =1000x     (V:Milling Speed) / 3.1416x    (cutting diameter)  
F: Feeding Speed per min mm/min
Ft: Feeding Speed per tooth mm/min
T: Flutes
(Ft)= (DH or ZH or RH) x ( cutting diameter)
(F)= (Ft) x (T) x (N)
1.The rigid intensity of machine main body.
2.The highest rotational speed of machine main axis.
3.The highest rotational speed of machine best dynamical equilibriumd.
4.The highest cutting feed rate of machine.
5.The reading ability of machine.
6.Precision of cartridge and the collet.
7.Rigidity of cartridge and the collet.
8.The gripping power of cartridge and colletg.
9.The dynamical equilibrium of artridge main body and collet.
10.Type of the end mill.
11.Material of the end mill.
12.Rigidity of main milling cutter.
13.The amount of end mill stretches out the prominent cartridge.
14.Cutting method of end mill. 15.Cutting way of end mill.
16.Cutting amount of end mill.
17.Removing chips abillty of end mill.
18.Hardness degree of the work piece.
19.Tensile strength of the work piece.
20.The machinability of work piece.
21.The rigidity of work piece.
22.Clamps rigidity of the fi xture.
23.Type of the cooling liquid.
24.Supply way of cooling liquid.
There are so many conditions to affect end mill cutting. If you have any question about the above items, you are most welcome to contact with HKF, we will ask the sales and engineers to help you as soon as possible.Thank you !!
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